Smart Home

So about this time last year, in 2014 I started converting my home into something I’d like to consider unique. I know smart homes are not a new idea, but mine will be unique for the sole reason that I am unique and I am creating it, if for no other reason! I am not going to use commercially available products and computer software or hardware for one thing. For another, I am going to build most of the comments myself, making it a lot of work, but also making it a one of a kind smart, green home that I hope to actually sell and make some money on. So, if you like what you see here on my Smart Home section of, contact me and give me an offer as I plan to sell the house before the winter of 2016. I am moving west!  I am sick of the cold Ohio weather. The home is on Akron University campus and would be a great home for a college student or professor since they can walk to any class from there.


597 Brown Street Smart Home Features

  • Green Concepts – Not only is 597 Brown Street a smart home, it’s a green home as well. I started with an old home to begin with and fixed it up using many recycled materials and built it to conserve energy in every way I found possible. Similar old structures are normally torn down and a new home built on the same plot of land. By renovating the existing structure, I have basically recycled the entire home. That combined with the use of recycled materials during renovation and energy saving efforts, make this Smart, Green Home one of the most ecologically safe houses ever built!

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