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FSDB Flat Simple DataBase

FSDB is a very simple flat file database application for smaller applications. FSDB as an extremely small footprint at just under 20Kb. The current version is for simple data tables only such as:


URL eMail Phone Fax (330)753-7661 n/a

Notice there is a single row of data.  I’ve expanded it to be able to handle multiple rows of data in the pro version listed next. This demo version can only be used for applications that use single row data tables such as user admins, site settings, etc.



FSDB Installation Instructions

  1. Download to your desktop and extract the files on your desktop
  2. Upload the unzipped FSDB folder to your web root such as so your database directory would be
  3. Once uploaded, go here to get the directory to use for configuring your installation. For example, I  installed FSDB on so I went to and the result of that page was: current working directory: /home/jaftycom/public_html/FSDB so you copy everything until just before “FSDB” to your clipboard for the next step.
  4. Use your favorite FTP editor to download db_functions.php file from the FSDB directory on your server to your desktop and open it with a .txt editor such as notepad or notepad++. Find the $FSDBpath directory at the top of the file and paste what you copied from the last step in between the parenthesis so it will look something like this: $FSDBpath = “/home/jaftycom/public_html/” making sure it has a slash as the last character as in my example. Save db_functions.php and upload back to the FSDB folder allowing it to overwrite the original file.
  5. Then navigate to the FSDB directory using your browser, so mine was at and you can start using your FSDB database app! It should look like the below screenshot:



Go pro for only $15.99 and get everything you need to manage almost any basic database driven app. FSDB PRO offers multiple rows of data and additional data handling functions that are designed to compete with Mysql, but that still have a much much lighter footprint for cases where you need a simple and light database solution. Email Ian today at if you would like to purchase the pro version.

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