Domain Word Extractor

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on March 1, 2016


This tool can extract words out of any domain name that contains words ran together. The most common use is to input a large list of domain names to see which ones are made up of actual words. The tool is frequently used by domain name buyers and sellers to do keyword analysis on domain name lists.


I called this tool Domain Word Extractor because that’s what it does. It extracts keywords from domain names. It is used to extract words from domain names that are ran together. If you enter “” it will return “some, domain” as the results. If you enter “”, it will return “some, dumb, Monday”. I’m sure you can imagine the possible practical uses of such a tool or for the underlying code. This tool is for sale with complete source code, so you can purchase it to use as it is or to modify for your own needs. Note that it is a PHP tool that also uses a perl script to separate words, but those words are returned in PHP and can be manipulated with PHP code.

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