$1 Payment for Services


The online services payment option can be used to pay Ian L. of Jafty.com for services rendered in increments of $1.00. This item can be used to pay for any even dollar amount. For example, to pay $50, simply select 50 as the number of items, meaning you are purchasing 50 $1 payments which results in a single $50 payment. If you have questions, just ask Ian or email him at linian11@yahoo.com. If your total comes to an uneven amount such as $50.26, feel free to round the number to the nearest whole dollar amount. You can round down. I don’t mind.

Product Description

If you need to pay for Ian’s services from this website, feel free to do so here. Payments are accepted in multiples of $1.00. For example, to pay me $350, simply select 350 as the no. of items when you use this $1 payment for services button.


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