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on February 24, 2016

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I am an expert PHP Developer with going on 20 years of experience programming with PHP for the web. I have my own unique style and prefer the procedural programming method rather than object oriented programming when it comes to most web development projects. I perform a very wide range of PHP tasks including:

  • PHP websites
  • PHP business applications
  • PHP mobile apps
  • PHP desktop applications
  • WordPress PHP coding
  • Content Management Systems in PHP
  • PHP testing procedures
  • Dynamic PHP website integrations
  • HTML to PHP conversions
  • Anything else done in PHP, just ask!

Object Oriented PHP vs. Procedural PHP

Unless a project requires object oriented PHP code, I normally don’t use it because, in my opinion, procedural code is simpler and easier to work with when it comes to websites. Object oriented PHP is great when it is needed, but often times it is more than what is needed and causes code bloat which is not good for any website because it slows it down and makes it more difficult to work with. In short, unless specified otherwise, I will use procedural PHP code.


My Personal PHP Programming Style

Everyone has their own style when it comes to programming. My style is unique because I was not taught in a formal education setting. I am completely self-taught. I believe that allows me to think outside of the box and enables me to get many projects done that others simply couldn’t complete. In fact, in some circles, I am known as the go-to guy to use when someone else tells them that something can’t be done.

I am a minimalist. I believe in getting a job done with my knowledge of Learning management system Australia with the least amount of code possible. This style makes a website easier to work on and allows the site to run faster in most cases.

Keep it simple. I like to keep my code as simple as possible without including extra features and unwanted add-ons because not only were they not asked for by my client, the client would have to pay for them as well, so no surprises working for me, you get what you pay for and don’t pay for things you didn’t want.

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