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on January 4, 2015

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That’s correct, we now offer 3D design services for the web! While 3D art for websites is nothing really new, until recently, it wasn’t efficient or attractive enough for me to take seriously as a web developer. Recent developments in WebGL  and  Three.js.

To show off some of the recent developments in Three.js and WebGL, I will be adding several 3D components to this site and the Jafty Blog site as well which can be seen at I have already added some 3D text to the header of this page/site. See where it says “Now In 3D!”? That is a small taste of what can be done with text in 3D, but that’s nothing compared to the image rendering capabilities and 3D models that can now be used much easier and efficiently in any web site! I’ll be adding pages in 3D and a new 3D gallery to the site very soon, so you’ll see then.

WebGL is a JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics and 2D graphics within any compatible web browser without the use of plug-ins. WebGL is integrated completely into all web standards for browsers allowing GPU accelerated usage of physics and image processing and effects as part of the web page.

Three.js is a JavaScript 3D Library which makes WebGL simpler. Three.js is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics on a Web browser.. The source code is hosted in a repository on GitHub.

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