Does anyone know if work online editing text is legit? I got an offer to edit email texts for $5 per kb and figure it is probably a scam. Can anyone confirm doing this work and actually being paid? They want you to work for 30 days before paying, so I am skeptical. Also, from Googling it, I can see that others are suspicious, but no one has confirmed it either way. I guess it’s a common scam to get people to edit text first and then later they try to get you involved in Paypal and/or credit card scams. I’m waiting for that offer which of course I would not do, but if it was real, it would be nice. Usually when something online seems too good to be true, it is just that, too good to be true and therefore false. I’m interested to hear other’s comments though.

From what I’ve heard, the scam, if it is a scam, goes like this:

1) they hire you to do some simple task like editing emails for a good amount of money($5 per kb) so that means you can make like $60 per hour, if you can type reasonably well, so that’s a small red flat right there. This is as far as I’ve gotten so far. I have edited two emails so far and it took about an hour and I am supposed to be paid $75 for the work, but not for 30 days(red flag no. 2).

2) Then, they will ask you to work as a representative.

3) They will ask you to allow them to transfer money to your paypal account to handle transactions for them for one reason or another saying they can’t due to some Paypal issue that they have. HUGE RED FLAG!!!

So, if they try to get me past step one, they will fail, but from what I’ve heard, others have done this, but with different companies. I’ve yet to confirm that is doing this scam or if someone claiming to be them is doing it or if it is in fact a scam at all. I suspect it is, but I have not been propositioned yet to do anything other than edit emails, so I will update this blog post if that does or does not indeed happen.

The reason this would be such a huge red flag is because supposedly, is owned by Ebay now. Ebay in turn owns Paypal. So, why would they have any issues with Paypal? They wouldn’t. Period! So, while I am 80% sure at the moment that this is a scam, I have not yet confirmed it because I have not been asked to do anything other than correct emails. I suspect I will be asked though…

Update  05/10/2015

After attempting to inquire from my contact named Andrea Nelson, supposedly from, I have come to the conclusion that this is in fact a scam.  I simply stated to her that the work she is having me do is similar to a common scam and could she either, provide me with a verifiable contact phone number to a representative at that would confirm my employment, or, pay me for the first two tasks I had performed. I gave the second option because I know from my experience working online that a legit job will never mind making a small payment to prove they are trustworthy and a scammer will never pay you a dime. The amount I requested was only for $75 and the amount of work they had asked me to do before receiving a pay check would of totaled over $1000, so it was not too much to ask. I normally collect 33% of all jobs I do through without any problem at all, so it is a very good indication of a scam if they are not even willing to pay a fraction of that to prove they are for real. I concluded that this was a scam after she didn’t reply for the first time within 24 hours. I’ll document anything else that happens here, but I suspect it will be all things I have done to attempt to collect the debt as I don’t expect to hear from them for some time.

So far I have only told them that I plan to exercise my right to collect the amount due to me for services rendered within 24 hours after being dismissed from a job according to a little known U.S. law. I sent her a bill via Paypal to the email she has been using to correspond with me to date.

I don’t expect her to pay. I expect to have to take further action, which I will just to make a point. I advise anyone that is scammed online to take action in order to help eliminate this inhumane practice.

Please comment on this post if you have experience with or a similar scam… Document it at least! It saves others from getting taken advantage of.


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  1. Hello,

    I have just recently received the same job offer you described here. A representative from Tradera stating the exact same job details that you explained. I have yet to pursue any further communication as of yet, but I’m curious if you have an update to the situation and if the Tradera rep ever communicated back with you?


  2. It is Fraud. Only the Reps are out the money. The customer gets a box of chocolates sent to the neighbors house and no $5000 or whatever amount of spent purchase. They use false tracking numbers. He appears to be calling from California but he is standing on Russan soil.

    He has taken some reps for over $30,000. After that he goes to the next one.

  3. I was scammed. I deleted my PayPal account just in case. I don’t use it often anyway, but can’t be too sure with people out there. They claim they are in Poland, but someone will Conant me from an 818 #? That is a US phone number. Lies! I bought into the editing texts, as I desperately need a new job, but that’s as far as I went when they offered me a representative position. The email addresses I saw were and The only reason I believed the editing emails was of them claiming to have seen my resume which is posted on 2 different websites (the major ones). Ah I feel bad for people who go too far with the company.

  4. These are scams! Beware people. They often operate under several organization names or frequently change then but the details of tasks on hand do not change. I have already been victimized and they don’t know I know yet. I have filed a report with the FBI as well as reported them to PayPal and ebay. Don’t give any of your information! These people are criminals and are running a very elaborate crime ring. I suspect they are working out of new York.

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