Starting with Laravel

Learning a new framework can be frustrating. Laravel is probably one of the more pleasant frameworks to learn, but if you are anything like me, you still dread taking on a new framework and you may be thinking, “Why can’t I just use plain PHP?”, well, you can! That’s true. There is nothing stopping you, but PHP frameworks were designed to be time-savers and to make coding in PHP easier. Now, that said, there are exceptions to the rule as always. The main and most important exception being this:  You don’t need a framework if you do not use PHP often enough. So ask yourself, “Do I use PHP daily or at least more than once a week?” if you answered yourself “yes” you may have some psychological issues, but none-the-less, by all means, pick and learn a good PHP framework and stick with it. No need to learn multiple PHP frameworks unless you are a real nerd, but one good PHP framework should suffice the average coder like myself. I have learned a  few out of necessity because certain clients want to use certain frameworks, so there are always reasons why you would learn more than one obviously. That brings us to exactly why I learned the Laravel framework. I did it because a client wanted me to use it, but I got to admit, it is probably the first PHP framework, I have tried out that I think I may actually keep on using during my career as a PHP developer. Okay, enough chit chat! Let’s get started.

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