wp_redirect Causing Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly Error

I was working on a client’s WordPress website today and had to do a redirect after successful login to his WordPress site. I tried to use wp_redirect with several different hooks including init, wp, wp_login, wp_redirect….etc. and none worked. I kept getting an error in Firefox that looked like this saying “The page isn’t redirecting    [Continue Reading]

How to Include a CSS Style Sheet for a WordPress Page Within a Plugin

For years I used to simply include CSS styles in WordPress plugins that I made for myself by doing it the same ways that you would for a pure HTML website like: The Wrong Way: <style> p{ font-family: arial; } </style> Or I would do it like this with an external stylesheet: <link rel=’stylesheet’ href=’http://jafty.com/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name/css/frontend-style.css’    [Continue Reading]