wp_redirect Causing Page Isn’t Redirecting Properly Error

I was working on a client’s WordPress website today and had to do a redirect after successful login to his WordPress site. I tried to use wp_redirect with several different hooks including init, wp, wp_login, wp_redirect….etc. and none worked. I kept getting an error in Firefox that looked like this saying “The page isn’t redirecting    [Continue Reading]

How to Include a CSS Style Sheet for a WordPress Page Within a Plugin

For years I used to simply include CSS styles in WordPress plugins that I made for myself by doing it the same ways that you would for a pure HTML website like: The Wrong Way: <style> p{ font-family: arial; } </style> Or I would do it like this with an external stylesheet: <link rel=’stylesheet’ href=’http://jafty.com/wp-content/plugins/plugin-name/css/frontend-style.css’    [Continue Reading]

How to Stop Admin Emails Upon New User Registration in WordPress

It took me quite a bit of messing around to stop admin emails on new user registration to my WordPress site today, so I’m documenting the final solution here. The key is the pluggable function named wp_new_user_notification, but simply replacing the function in your theme’s functions.php file does not always(or maybe ever) work, so the    [Continue Reading]