Migrating from Drupal to WordPress

Today I had a job where I had to migrate all the posts in a Drupal blot over to a WordPress blog. First I searched for a plugin or existing application to do this and came up blank. Therefore, I wrote my own. Here are the details for anyone needing to attempt the same thing. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to migrate from Drupal to WordPress, but you can hire me to do it for you now that I know exactly what is involved and have done it successfully. I charge about $200 though, so if you think its worth the investment, contact me at linian11@yahoo.com


Step one:

First I examined how WordPress imports XML files. This was crucial because my PHP program was going to write these XML files on the fly from scraping the Drupal site. You may ask why I chose this method and I will tell you. I didn’t have either Cpanel access or database access to either the Drupal site or the WP site. Besides that, even if I did have all the access I wanted, the techniques I read about online for using sql queries to migrate the data were inconsistent and unreliable to say the least.


Step Two:

Next, I wrote a PHP script to parse the Drupal site and extract the individual post contents. Then I made the script write XML output and save it to an .xml file which later I would import into WordPress.


If anyone would like to have this done, I have the script and would have to modify it on a per case basis to make it work with your Drupal and WordPress installations, but I can do it and will do it for cheap since I have a good head start.



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