How to Identify a Font

Today I was challenged with figuring out what a font was that a client wanted. He had sent me an image of some text with the font he wanted, but no name and no example HTML code to look at. So what did I do? It wasn’t easy at first until I found some helpful sites on the internet.

Identify Font From Image

A site to help you discover what a font is from an image:

The above website allows you to idenfy a font by uploading an image of the font then asking a series of questions about what letter is what. A tip is to take an image of the font that is about 14 characters long and save it as a .jpg before uploading to that site.

Identify Font by Answering Questions

Here is another site that will help you figure out what a font is just by answering a series of multiple choice questions about the font in question:

Just answer the first question on that page on the left site and keep on going until it gives you the answer you were seeking with several alternative fonts from which your font will most likely be one of.


I used both above methods successfully after years of having issues identifying fonts, so I thought I should share them.

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