How to Download Godaddy or Domain Lists

I build a lot of apps for SEO people and Domainers, both are interested in doing various things with lists of domain names, especially domainers or domain name buyers. Before today, I never knew how to get names from simply forwards to without using some crazy screen scraping techniques because normal HTML scrapers will not work as the page is created on the fly with Ajax or something similar. Today I found out that Godaddy has an FTP link accessible from Firefox browsers that contains zip files containing all of their domain name lists! Beware that it may not open in other browsers, but the link is and contains all domain lists from and, so you can imagine that this was quite a find for me! Good luck and I hope this helps you like it did me.

Link to download .zip files containing all Godaddy domain lists:

Connecting to Godaddy with FTP

Amazingly enough, I was also able to figure out how to connect to the directory that holds all of Godaddy’s domain lists using FTP client FileZilla. Here is how:

  • For host enter:
  • For protocol, leave regular FTP selected.
  • For encryption select: use plain FTP
  • Logon type is: Normal
  • User name is: auctions
  • Leave password blank
  • Click “Connect” and it should work!


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