How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

In this tutorial we will learn a simple step by step process for creating a WordPress child theme.

Why make a child theme?

The answer is simple. We make a child theme in so we don’t mess up the main theme. Also when WordPress decides it is time to update your theme, you won’t loose all of your custom code because it will be protected inside your own child theme which isn’t effected by parent theme updates!

Tools you will need:

  1. FileZilla or another FTP application running on your desktop.
  2. Notepad++, Notepad or another plain text editor.

Step by Step Instructions for Making a WordPress Child Theme

  1. Name your child theme by appending “-child” to the name of it’s parent theme. In this example, we will make a child theme for the twentyseventeen theme, so we will name it “twentyseventeen-child”. To lock in the name, create a new folder on your desktop(right-click on desktop and select new/folder in Windows) and name it “twentyseventeen-child”.
  2. Using your text editor application, create a new file in the folder you created on your desktop in step one and name it style.css. Then copy and paste the code below under the “Style Sheet Code” heading into the twentyseventeen-child/style.css file and save it. When doing so, make sure the template: setting is set to the directory name of the parent theme.
  3. Create a second file in your twentyseventeen-child folder on your desktop named “functions.php” and copy and paste the code below under the “Functions.php Code” heading. Save it.
  4. Upload the twentyseventeen-child folder to your site’s wp-content/themes directory, activate it and check several pages of your site to make certain everything looks the same as it used to as we have not made any changes yet. See the section below entitled “Troubleshooting” if it doesn’t look exactly like the parent theme at this point or if you have any other issues.
  5. Once you have a working child theme identical to it’s parent, start modifying it! You can over-ride any file of the parent theme by including it in the child theme’s folder and altering the code.


Style Sheet Code

 Theme Name:   Twenty Seventeen Child
 Theme URI:
 Description:  Twenty Seventeen Child Theme
 Author:       Ian L. of
 Author URI:
 Template:     twentyseventeen
 Version:      1.0.0
 License:      GNU General Public License v2 or later
 License URI:
 Tags:         light, dark, two-columns, right-sidebar, responsive-layout, accessibility-ready
 Text Domain:  twenty-seventeen-child

Functions.php Code

function my_theme_enqueue_styles() {

    $parent_style = ‘twentyseventeen-style’; // This needs to be set to the value from the parent theme’s wp_enqueue_style line in the parent functions.php file

    wp_enqueue_style( $parent_style, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/style.css’ );
    wp_enqueue_style( ‘child-style’,
        get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . ‘/style.css’,
        array( $parent_style ),
add_action( ‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘my_theme_enqueue_styles’ );


  • Styles do not match that of parent site before making style changes. If you have this issue then it is likely that your parent theme didn’t include all of it’s styles inside of the standard style.css file. Look in the parent theme’s functions.php file and search for “wp_enqueue_style” and carefully include any other enqueued styles besides style.css into your child theme’s functions.php as well. If you copy the lines from parent to child, be certain you change “get_stylesheet_directory_uri” to “get_template_directory_uri” and it should work fine.
  • Some pics don’t show up in child theme that showed up in parent theme. If this happens, re-enable the parent theme and find the images that were not working and make a note of their URL(right click on image and click view image). The images that were not working are likely to have been included inside the parent theme, so duplicate their path inside the child theme and make a copy of the images there. For example, if the images were in twentyseventeen/assets/media/pics in the parent theme, then create those folders in the child theme like twentyseventeen-child/assets/media/pics and copy the images there as well. That’s the easy way. If you want more of a challenge and don’t want to cpy the images, find and edit the path in the code for ea. image that is not displaying.

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