How to Capture a Portion of Your Screen in Windows 10

I used to have a special program I downloaded to take screen shots. Since I’ve been now using Windows Update for Business (I could of done this with earlier versions of Windows too), I’ve discovered there is a shortcut in Windows that does a quick and easy screen capture. That shortcut to capture the entire screen is:

How to Capture the Entire Screen

Hold down the windows key(in between fn and alt) and press the “prt sc”(print screen) key(found in the top row towards the right side).

After using [windows key]+[prt sc key] to cature your screen you need to find the file it saved. You should also note that it makes no noise and appears to not do anything at all when you do the shortcut keys, so you may not think it captured the screen, but it probably did. The print screen function saves a screenshot in a .png file. To find your screen capture .png file, click on the Windows icon in the lower left corner of your screen(unless you changed the layout), select the file explorer icon(on left) and navigate to /Pictures/Screenshots and you’ll see all the past screenshots you’ve taken to-date if you haven’t moved them or deleted them.

So you can take a fast screenshot with windows key + prt sc. However, you may not want to capture the entire screen as was the case with me today when I learned how to capture a portion of the screen using Windows 10. Here is how I did it:

How to Capture a Portion of Your Screen

In the lower left corner of your screen, in the search field, type “snipping tool” and press enter. The tool will either pop up or you may have to click on “snipping tool” if there is more than one option for the search text. Either way, you should now have the snipping tool opened now! Click on “New” in the top menu bar of the snipping tool and then click and drag to select the area of the screen you want to capture. Then select “save as” and save the results. It also allows you to edit and mark on the image if you want to.


Making it easy to use Snipping Tool

While you have the snipping tool open using the method described above, you can make it much easier to use in the future if you simply add a shortcut icon to your windows 10 menu bar at the bottom of your screen. While the tool is open, you’ll see a scissors icon in the toolbar at the bottom of your computer screen. Right click on the scissors and click “Pin to taskbar” and it will keep that icon there even after you close the snipping tool! Next time you need to use it, just click the scissors and you’re all set!

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