Editing Style of the Cheope WordPress Theme

This tutorial describes how to make changes to the U-Design WordPress theme and most of the content will probably apply to most other themes as well.

Finding the element you wish to edit To find what you need to edit, I use Firefox with the Firebug plugin. Right click on the page element you wish to change the style of and select “Inspect Element” to view it’s HTML and CSS code at the bottom of your browser window.

In my case, I wanted to change out the background in the U-Design theme so I clicked on an area where only the background was visible and got the div id for that element which in my case was “top-wrapper” there are several sections to the background in the U-Design theme, that is the top one. I checked all the CSS files in the source code and that top-wrapper element wasn’t listed in any of them, so I went to FTP client and searched around to find it in

Finding the style sheet that has the CSS

Next you have to find the style sheet that has the CSS declaration you are seeking. Do this by looking at the source of the page and do a search for “.css” to quickly find the style sheet names. Then go to your FTP client and locate the file to download for editing.

The trick with UDESIGN styles to change the background:

Finally I figured out through hours of trial and error that the way to get the full background image implemented in UDESIGN theme was to go to the wp admin and go to “settings” click on “page-navi” and uncheck the box that said to use pagenavi styles…

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