Converting .pem File to .ppk File

When working with Amazon’s EC2 servers, you will need to know how to convert the key file which Amazon allows you to download in .pem format to a .ppk format. You can accomplish this task with the use of Putty and Puttygen, so if you don’t have both, you can get them from:

Convert your file by following the below instructions:

  1. Run Puttygen.
  2. From the menu option “Conversions”, select “Import key”
  3. In the dialog, locate the pem file and “Open” it.
  4. Change the comment from ‘imported-openssh-key” to a something more descriptive like “my-db-server”
  5. Optional: Enter a passphrase.
  6. Create PPK file by clicking on “Save private key”

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