Is Payoneer Better Than PayPal?

PayPal has worked for me for several years and, while they have been mostly good to me, when you do need help, their customer service is practically non-existent. I had a horrible experience with them recently that has made me decide not to use them any longer for a while. I’m almost exclusively a seller and almost never a buyer which makes PayPal a poor choice for me it seems now. I have never had a dispute in all the years I’ve used PayPal until recently and I can not forgive the way PayPal handled that dispute. If you want to hear my story, read on, if you want to get right to using Payoneer as I suggest if you are a seller of goods or services like me, use this link to sign up for Payoneer now:

My Experience with PayPal

My bad experience that makes me want to completely stop using PayPal has to do with a former client of mine that filed a dispute after I had to inform them that I had to quit working for them because another client needed me(the other client that needed me has been a client for many years and the client I quit working for was new). When I quit working for the new client, he still owed me roughly $200 in my opinion. He had paid me a deposit of $200 when I started working with him because I always get a deposit to protect me from newer clients. I had completed a total of $400 worth of work before I quit working for him however, so really he still owed me $200. I was going to forgive the money he owed me however, since I had quit because I figured he wouldn’t pay it anyway. So, for being a nice guy, the new client rewards me by filing a dispute on PayPal asking me to return $95 to him! I was shocked, but had confidence that PayPal would see it for what it was, an attempt by a client to get his money back even though I had completd the work, Fraud. So I refused to return the money and he escalated his false claim. To my surprise, without doing any investigation what-so-ever, PayPal made a decision in his favor. Okay, so I lost, I could have handled that without closing my account, but the kicker is that they didn’t just reward the client the $95 he was asking for, they reversed the entire $200 payment he ad sent me! After losing the dispute, I first tried to call PayPal’s “customer support” and was told I would have to wait on hold for over an hour! I waited on hold regardless of the ridiculous amount of hold time, but the call was never answered so I gave up after over an hour of waiting for a human to speak with about my issue. Then I sent them sent an email asking them why and got a computer reply that had absolutely nothing to do with the questions I asked in the email. So obviously, I was getting nowhere and it is clear now that I just got ripped off for $200 by PayPal and my former client. So, hello Payoneer! I’ll let you all know how this new payment method works for me. Hopefully better than my experience with PayPal! Again, here’s the link for Payoneer if anyone else wants to check them out:

My experience with Payoneer

So, while I am new to Payoneer, I will post my experiences here so others can benefit from them. First off, if you want or need to get your money immediately(Like you could with a PayPal Credit card if you were lucky enough to be approved), then Payoneer might not be the best service for you. I sent out my first invoice several days ago, on a Thursday to a client I completely trust and that client informed me that he paid the invoice immediately that same day, so the invoice was paid on Thursday. It is now the following Saturday and the invoice is yet to be even marked as paid in my Payoneer account. That kind of worries me. I read in their F.A.Q. that it can take from 3-5 business days, so luck me, it’s the weekend! Right? Oh well, so that means it has only been one business day so far and the fifth business day would be next Thursday. I have to say that it it in fact takes that long, I won’t be happy with the services at all. On the other hand, it the payment is in my account by Monday or Tuesday, I will be satisfied, not perfectly happy, but barely satisfied. I currently hate PayPal so much that I don’t mind waiting a few days to get paid another way. However, a week is too long, so I’ll let you all know asap when I can actually get the funds that were sent to me last Thursday. FYI, here’s an image from Payoneer’s website regarding information about the billing service I used to send my first invoice to my long-time trusted client:


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Setting up a Simple PayPal Shopping Cart

Here is how to set up a simple paypal shopping cart without any extra charges or additional shopping cart software to install.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. in the right column, click on “My Business Setup”.
  3. Under the first category called “Set up my payment solution”, click the first “Start Now” button.
  4. Then, click the first option which reads “Create payment buttons for your website”.
  5. On the next page, click on the blue “Create a Button” button in the middle of the page.
  6. On the next page, under step one, select “shopping cart” from the “Choose a button type” dropdown.
  7. You can enter an item number if you want to help keep track of your various items, but it’s not required. The next required field is “Item Name”, so enter a name that describes your item there.
  8. Next, enter the price of the item in the “Price” field.
  9. The rest of the fields on this page are not required, so unless you have special needs to track inventory or for IPN puposes, click the “Create Button” button at the bottom and retrieve your button code. If you have special needs, fill in those fields before pressing the “Create Button” button.

After that, you can simply skip to the website tab and copy and paste the button code into your webpage for a single simple shopping cart button. Then repeat this process for every item you are selling with your shopping cart and you will have a working PayPal shopping cart.

More advanced options and IPN, Instant Payment Notification:

Okay, if you didn’t learn what you wanted to learn above, here is where I get into more advanced material about customizing shopping carts. Mainly I want to discuss the sending and returning of special variables to track items and customer information to process orders through IPN or the Instant Payment Notification feature.

In 2013 PayPal rolled out a new documentation site to assist developers with more advanced shopping cart and button creation. You can find this documentation at:


Setting up PayPal IPN

I had a hard time finding updated information from 2013 on how to set IPN or Instant Payment Notification settings in PayPal. All the info on the web was outdated and didn’t apply to PayPal’s new website layout. So if you are looking to activate IPN for your PayPal account, here is how to do it as of May 2013 forward:

  1. Login to your PayPal account.
  2. Go to the “merchant services” tab.
  3. Click on “process orders” in the right column of the resulting page.
  4. Look for the “Instant Payment Notification” heading under “Receiving orders” and click on “learn more”.
  5. Then, towards the bottom left of that page, click the button that reads “Choose IPN Settings”.
  6. On the next page, fill in the Notification URL with the URL of your IPN receiving data script, then check the “Receive IPN Messages (enabled)” radio button. Finally, click “save” to save your settings.

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