Getting a Google Adwords API Key

Today I found out it is not so easy to get a Google Adwords API key if you are a Developer without any or many Adwords clients to manage. I will lay forth the process here while I attempt to obtain a developer key in case it helps anyone in the future. I also like to have this documented for my own reference.

Signing up for Adwords API Key:

  1. You’ll need to have an MCC (My Client Center) account to request an API key. If you don’t already have an MCC account, you can go signup for one at: (link will open a new window so you can stay here and read the rest of my instructions). You can click on the button on the right of that page to sign up or the link under it to sign in if you already have an account.
  2. Simply follow the instructions at the above link to set up your MCC account. Please note that if you do manage some Google Adwords accounts, unlike myself at this time, then you will be given preference for an API key according to posts I read online, so go here: if you have accounts you can link already to your MCC account.
  3. Sign in to your MCC account here: 
  4. After signing in to your MCC account, click the gear icon and select “Account Settings” from the drop down. Then on the resulting page, click on the “Adwords API Center” in the left column of the page.
  5. Follow the instructions for signing up for an API key. You will need to provide a credit card and personal information, so if you don’t intend to use Adwords, it is pointless to sign up, so I’m not sure why they give you such a hard time to get an API key.
  6. After signing up for both an MCC account and an API key, you’ll get an email. Mine said that I didn’t have any clients that use Adwords and therefore they assumed I had no need for a developer token or API key, so they say if you still wish to go through with applying for the API key, to click on a link in the email to fill in a form to tell them why you should have an api key. I did this. I explained that I wanted to build a couple applications using the Google Adwords API for clients of mine, which was true, so I hope it works. I uploaded a very short description of the first tool I plan to build because they require you to upload either a screen shot or other file that describes the tool you intend to make. I will post more here when I get a reply. So far, all this was done on 5-11-2014, on a Sunday, so I’ll try to remember to note the time it takes to get a reply to this second inquiry which came in the same day I applied for my MCC account and API key.

Building a Google Adwords API Tool

As I may have mentioned, my goal is to build a tool that uses the Adwords API, so while waiting for my response, I read that there are some pretty strict requirements for any tool you build using their API, You can read the min. requirements section to learn more Here:

Also they have some Terms and Conditions(click to read them) that you need to adhere to.  So if you get rejected or better yet, before you apply, read these and amend your tool’s specs to follow both the terms of service and the minimum requirements as documented at the previous two links I have provided.