Can’t Gain Shell Access to Web Server

Are you having issues getting into your server’s shell or command prompt? Some web hosts simply don’t allow it, so you may not even be doing anything wrong. Be sure you have the proper login credentials. Often, the shell prompt or command line login details are the same as ftp login details, so try that first and if you can not get into a shell or command prompt still, try the solution I am about to offer!



PHPSHELL is a php app that lets you get a sudo shell from your web browser. I gotta tell you it was a bit buggy when I installed it, but I did get it to work. Here is how:

  1. Go to and download. Here is the link:
  2. unzip the folder you downloaded and upload it to your server.
  3. navigate to the pwhash.php file in the folder you uploaded using your browser and enter a username and password to get a secure password hash. My install didn’t work without using this hash script even though it says it will, so be sure you do this. get the password has line and copy and paste it into the config.php file just below the line with the [users] line. I also had to delete all the comments between [users] and [aliases] to keep it from throwing an error. Makes no sense, but that’s how I got it to work!
  4. then go to the install directory followed by /phpshell.php in your browser of choice and enter the user and password you set up into the login form.

That’s it! you are done!

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