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PHP Developer

I am an expert PHP Developer with going on 20 years of experience programming with PHP for the web. I have my own unique style and prefer the procedural programming method rather than object oriented programming when it comes to most web development projects. I perform a very wide range of PHP tasks including: PHP […]

Complete WordPress Services

If you need anything done in WordPress and are looking for an expert in everything related to WordPress, look no further! You’ve found me. I especially enjoy a challenging WordPress project. I love doing things with WordPress that have never been done before or things others say can’t be done with WordPress. Instead of making […]

Basic Stamp 2 voltage Detector

This is part of my Smart Home series available exclusively on, Jafty Interactive Web Development’s service site. It is part of a series I am writing while building my own smart home out of a home I purchased in Akron, Ohio. The premise is that I have used a micro-controller(Basic Stamp 2) device to […]

Bleach, Sulfuric Acid or Hydrogen Peroxide for Battery Electrolyte

In my ongoing quest to build the perfect home made battery, today I am testing to find the best electrolyte. To-date I have tried water, salt water, bleach and combinations of the three. So far, with only testing bleach, water and salt, pure bleach has proven to be the best electolyte, but I have a […]

How to Control House Lights From Anywhere

In this article, How to Control House Lights From Anywhere, I am going to give a solution for the basic problem; How do you turn a light in your home on or off using your computer, phone or other online device? Also, I aim to control my home’s lights by voice commands from within the […]

New 3D Services!

That’s correct, we now offer 3D design services for the web! While 3D art for websites is nothing really new, until recently, it wasn’t efficient or attractive enough for me to take seriously as a web developer. Recent developments in WebGL  and  Three.js. To show off some of the recent developments in Three.js and WebGL, […]


Jafty Interactive Web Development concentrates on a few web technologies that strongly complement one another such as: PHP HTML CSS JavaScript Jquery WordPress It is my belief that specializing very well in a few technologies that compliment one another is preferable to knowing far less of many technologies. This is why Jafty Interactive specializes in […]

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